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Sexual addiction christian

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Hedgebuilders —free to pastors, missionaries, and Christian schools. So I find this law at work: Ignorance and misunderstanding about the concept of an addiction to sex is widespread. Many of the men I work with are very performance-driven and feed off the powerful drug of approval. Memorizing scripture is an often overlooked weapon that should be in every Christian's arsenal.

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If you find yourself engulfed in a sexual addiction, here are some general tips that have helped many in their journey toward restoration and healing:. If you suspect that you may have such an addiction, see our article, How can I tell if I'm getting addicted to sex or pornography? Those within religious communities have been quick to condemn such sin, and rightfully so, but they also have been unwilling or unable to understand the sexual sinner and offer her the help she so desperately needs.

Taylor, Brian Lunde and Ray Comfort. She is any one of untold numbers of women who are trapped in sexual sin and feel there is no way out. God cares for you so much that He is willing to take all of your cares worries, anxieties, needs, fears, desires, challenges, regrets, etc. The thought of her church friends made her shudder.

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Sexual addiction christian

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How to Defeat Sex Addiction - - Site For Hookups

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