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Dating a mature man

Maturity has nothing to do with age. A man can be 20 and be mature while another man can be 35 and still act immature. Dating...

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He might be set in his ways. It can include past marriage s , relationships, kids, grandkids, etc. They had a life before you. You may not get all his time and attention. When a man has had a level of success and is happy with the way he is, trying to break habits that might annoy you or introduce him to things outside of his comfort zone may not be so easy.

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Dating a mature man

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  1. As a relationship coach, I talk to a lot of women who are relatively convinced that either all men are dogs or all the good ones are gone.

  2. Finding someone who is compatible, has some emotional maturity and who can be a life partner you can count on is a struggle.

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